Mobile-Home/Modular-Home Insurance

Cormarc Insurance Services can offer coverage options when it comes to insuring any Mobile, Modular, or Park Model. We work closely with several Insurance Carriers whom provide specialized coverage for these types of properties. Whether you live in a park or on private land our agency can write it.

Mobile vs. Modular

A mobile home and manufactured home are different entities. A mobile home is usually constructed prior to June 1976. Homes constructed post June 1976 are almost always categorically known as manufactured homes, meeting FHA certification requirements, and come with attached metal certification tags.

Mobile homes come in two major sizes, single-wides and double-wides. Single-wides are 18 feet or less in width and 90 feet or less in length and can be towed to their site as a single unit. Double-wides are 20 feet or more wide and are 90 feet in length or less and are towed to their site in two separate units, which are then joined together. Triple-wides and even homes with four, five, or more units are also built, although not as commonly.

Modular homes are transported on flatbed trucks rather than being towed, and lack axles and an automotive-type frame. However, some of these homes are towed behind a semi-truck or totter on a frame similar to that of a trailer. The home is usually in two pieces and is hauled by two separate trucks. Each frame has five or more axles, depending on the size of the home. Once the home has reached its location, the axles and the tongue of the frame are then removed, and the home is set on a concrete foundation.

Park Model

Park models only come in one size and must remain under 400 square feet to qualify as a recreational vehicle under federal state laws. If over that size park models would be considered a manufactured home. Park models generally have steel tie down straps to attach to ground anchors to satisfy local zoning or park regulations.


Insurance for a Mobile/Modular or Park Model doesn’t have to be complicated Agents at Cormarc Insurance Services can walk you through the process, and give you confidence in the coverage necessary to insure your home.

Vacant/Seasonal/Rental Properties? No Problem!

  • Dwelling Limits-$20,000-$300,000
  • Other Structures
  • Personal Liability up to $500,000
  • Extended Replacement Cost-120-125%
  • Replacement Cost 1970 & Newer
  • Seasonal with Replacement Cost
  • Rental Program-Replacement Cost
  • Vacant Program-Replacement Cost
  • Optional Coverage
  • Builder’s Risk-(COC)
  • Occasional Rental- up to 180 days
  • Flood Coverage
  • Earthquake Coverage
  • Hobby Farm

All properties are not the same- talk to us today at 800-743-2763 to find out how to get the best price and value.

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