Hospitality Insurance

Hotels and motels, by the very nature of their business, open their doors daily to numerous risks. Cormarc Insurance Services can assist to protect establishments against property damage, theft and liability from cyber-attacks, injured patrons, lack of security, liquor, food poisoning and other health scares.

Whether you own a boutique hotel or manage a portfolio of destination resorts, you can sleep soundly knowing we have the coverages to protect your business. We service a variety of hospitality businesses such as:

  • Boutique hotels
  • Company-owned or franchised properties
  • Conference centers
  • Private-label properties

Business-Specific Coverages

In addition to offering core coverages such as commercial auto, property, and workers compensation, we also offer coverages tailored for your hospitality business, including:

  • Innkeepers’ insurance
  • Liquor liability insurance

Cormarc Insurance Services hotel specialists are on hand to help your clients protect themselves, so that everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Contact us today at 800-743-2763 to learn more about our hotel insurance solutions.


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