Insuring Your Remote Lodging Facility in Alaska

Operating a remote lodge in the wilderness of Alaska is often a dream come true for owners such as yourself. You can build relationships with frequent guests, live in one of the quietest places in the world, and make a living doing what you love. However, is your lodge insured properly? Are you prepared for the future?

Take a look at what we can do to help you save time, money, and energy as you purchase a range of insurance products. There are many things to consider, and our team can help you work through these complex insurance coverages to build a package that’s perfect for your business.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is a coverage that you might forget because you assumed that homeowner’s insurance was enough. That is not the case.

Even if your lodge is housed within an older home or within a home you’ve converted into a lodge, the property is now in use as a commercial facility. This may sound counterintuitive—even if you live there full-time—but you must align your insurance with the general purpose of the property.

Commercial property insurance tends to have higher limits, and it ensures that you have enough coverage for major damage, especially to upgrades or additions you’ve made.

Liability Insurance for Remote Outposts

Because you manage a remote outpost, you are exposed to more liabilities than the average innkeeper or homeowner. As a result, you should purchase robust liability coverage that will cover property damage and personal injury. Remember, remote outposts face many additional liabilities, including:

  • Wildlife hazards, including bears, moose, elks, and more
  • Brush fires or wildfires
  • Floods
  • Insect infestations
  • Slips, trips, and falls on ice or rugged terrain
  • Fires caused by indoor/space heaters

While you may feel these are normal hazards that Alaska residents face all the time, you must safeguard the property against these hazards and purchase the appropriate amount of insurance to protect your guests and staff.

Contents Coverage for Alaskan Lodges

Contents coverage for your lodge covers your personal property. You likely purchased many special items or family heirlooms to bring into the lodge. In the event of a loss, you want to replace your personal property as much as you possibly can.

We recommend cataloguing all these items with photographs, videos, receipts, and appraisals.

If you keep off-road vehicles on the property, you can purchase a separate policy to cover those vehicles. Plus, you may want to extend your coverage limits to handle any replacement costs tied to losses experienced by guests on the property.

Safety Tips for Remote Lodges in Alaska

As mentioned above, you must take great care to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your guests. Take these tips to heart because your guests are not wilderness experts, and even if they are, they should have a relaxing time when they visit you.

  • Purchase bear-proof trash cans
  • Upgrade heaters and have them serviced regularly
  • Post wildlife warnings for all guests, including warnings to remain indoors at night
  • Keep the property clear of stray trash and food
  • Keep walkways, roads, and paths clear of ice, snow, and debris

Contact Cormarc Insurance for Assistance With Lodging Coverage

Contact our team at Cormarc when you need help with lodging insurance or wish to review your current policy. We can review your coverage, explain the sort of protection your lodge needs, and help you prepare for the busy tourist season. Yes, this is a quiet place to live with excellent views, but your lodge needs a little more TLC if you want to succeed long into the future.

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