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Cover your Coastal Resort with Hospitality Insurance

When you work on the coast and open any sort of resort—small or large—there’s hospitality insurance available for a wide range of functions of your business. Every resort is different, but there’s surely a better way to safeguard your business, keep your guests happy, and remain operational at all times.

Take a look at what hospitality insurance does so that you get a clearer picture of what you can do to safeguard your life’s work and most precious investment.

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It’s About More Than the Catalina Wine Mixer: Why You Should Insure Your Wayfaring Business

When you manage a touring business in California, you likely want to mimic the majestic beauty of the Napa Wine Train or the Catalina Wine Mixer. However, your business needs more than a catchy slogan, gorgeous vistas, and a worthy vessel.

Your wayfaring business needs the best insurance coverage for the boat, your company, and all the activities you’ve planned. Take a look at what’s required of your business to protect your investment, continue operating, and plan for worst case scenarios.

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