Mother holding her kid on shoulders to decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Safety: The Dangers of Your Christmas Tree and How to Minimize the Risk 

Christmas trees are a beautiful tradition, but they are also very dangerous. They can be a place for children to fall, a place for animals to become trapped, and a spot where electric cords could be exposed. That’s why it’s important to place your tree safely and securely within the home so you can enjoy the holiday season without worry.  

Take a look at these insights that will help you minimize the risk involved with a Christmas tree while keeping your family safe and sound throughout the holidays. 

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A couple holding dogs in their hands to keep them safe during holiday season.

5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season   

The holidays can be a fun time to celebrate with friends and family, but it can be stressful when you need help caring for your pets. Just like our human brethren, pets get excited to see their friends and family and they tend to get into trouble as well.  

 If you want to keep your pets safe this holiday season, take a look at these tips and remember that you can adjust each idea to suit your situation. 

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A Family celebrating thanksgiving in their house and having dinner on the dining table.

10 Ways to Prevent House Fires This Thanksgiving 

While it’s exciting to bring the family over for Thanksgiving, you need to do more to keep your home safe. Issues tend to creep in when homeowners are prepared to host a ton of guests or don’t realize how crowded the house will be. 

You’re cooking, decorating, and bringing lots of people through the door. With that in mind, these simple tips will help you protect your home and make wise decisions throughout the holiday season. 

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Hospitality insurance Manager explaining the risk and coverage to their client

Why Purchasing Hospitality Insurance is Important 

Owning your own business might be a dream come true. Running a hospitality business allows you to mingle with the people, get to know your customers, and offer a service that’s hard to find. However, how do you insure a hospitality business and why is it so important? What sort of insurance do you need? Isn’t insuring a hospitality company, restaurant, bar, catering house, etc. more complex than a simple office? 

As you read further, take to heart that we understand the challenges facing your business and want to mitigate risk as much as possible. Partnering with us, then, allows you to move forward without worry. 

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5 Teen Driving Safety Tips

Is your teen driver ready to get behind the wheel? Are they ready to enjoy the freedom that comes with a driver’s license and a set of keys? Yes, you need to insure your teen driver, and our team at Cormarc can help with that.

But how can you keep teen drivers safe? This is one of the first times you’re letting them out on their own—and behind the wheel of a car that can be dangerous to drive. Use these five safety tips to help your child remain safe and create a safety culture in your own home.

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Couple sitting by the pool at a resort

Cover your Coastal Resort with Hospitality Insurance

When you work on the coast and open any sort of resort—small or large—there’s hospitality insurance available for a wide range of functions of your business. Every resort is different, but there’s surely a better way to safeguard your business, keep your guests happy, and remain operational at all times.

Take a look at what hospitality insurance does so that you get a clearer picture of what you can do to safeguard your life’s work and most precious investment.

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